What is the current law on the use of child restraints?
Written by MCSO   
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

The current law governing the use of child safety seats is KRS 189.125 (3). It states:

Any driver of a motor vehicle, when transporting a child of forty (40) inches in

height or less in a motor vehicle operated on the roadways, streets, and highways of

this state, shall have the child properly secured in a child restraint system of a type

meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards.

The new Booster Seat law was signed by Governor Beshear April 16, 2008. The law goes into effect in July this year. The law requires that children under the age of 7 and between 40 to 50 inches tall be secured in child booster seats. Courtesy warnings would be issued until July 1, 2009. After that, the offense carries a fine of $30. Instead of paying the fine, violators can purchase a booster seat. Violators would not be required to pay court costs.
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