Theft Ring Indictments
Written by MCSO   
Saturday, 29 March 2008

On Monday, March 24, a Grand Jury returned indictments on Damon J. Buis, 35, Mollie N. Mobley, 21, Arlin Wayne Rollins, 26, Ester Braxton Goins, 23, and Archie L. Stevens, 58. The five were indicted on charges of Criminal Syndication for their part in a theft ring that extended not only into surrounding counties, but even into the state of Tennessee. The charges were presented to the Grand Jury by Detective Bob West of the McCreary County Sheriff's Department, who has been conducting an investigation since August.

According to the indictment, from April 1 through July 30, 2007, the five were engaged in organized crime "with each other and others not specifically named". The indictment further charges that they were engaged in theft, possession of stolen property, sale of stolen property, and distribution/transportation of stolen property in McCreary and surrounding counties. The stolen items were "fenced" through Tennessee, in an apparent operation in which orders could be placed by the "fence", and then the items requested would be located and stolen. 

By the definition of KRS506.120(3)(c), a Criminal Syndicate means five (5) or more persons collaborating to promote or engage in …any theft offense as defined in KRS Chapter 514… on a continuing basis.

Items processed through this theft ring ranged from ATV's and mowers to trailers and various tools. The items taken in the Domermuth Environmental Services theft in early May of last year, valued at around $17,000, were fenced through this operation. (for more on the Domermuth theft, see McCreary County Voice archive story at ).

In addition to the criminal syndication charges, Buis and Rollins have also been charged with Persistent Felony Offender. Detective West indicated that the five indicted are thought to be part of a larger operation.

Since the story on the indictments broke in the local media, more items have been recovered. According to Detective West, this is an active and ongoing investigation. Law Enforcement agencies in surrounding counties and in Tennessee have been and are continuing to assist in the investigation.

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