New Cases through February 20th
Written by MCSO   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008

On January 30th at approximately  20:16 a clerk at Rite Stop on US Hwy 27 reported the receipt of two counterfeit bills.  A suspect was identified by the clerk who reported that the suspect entered the store and used one bill to make a purchase.  The suspect later entered the store again and asked for change for another $20 counterfeit bill.  This case is opened pending Grand Jury Investigation.  Secret Service has been notified and are assisting in the  investigation of this case.  Store clerks should be warned to check all $20 bills presented to them.

February 4th at approximately 15:50 a resident of Roosevelt Rd, Pine Knot reported the theft of a set of pole spikes & pole belt (climbing gear), a Phillips/Magnavox DVD player, a pair of Harley Davidson Leather Boots, a ring with a white gold cross, a ring with a white gold heart and sterling silver ring with a diamond.  The items were discovered missing the day after several people had been at the residence for a party.  A case was opened and is under investigation.

February 5th at approximately  11:00 Dustin Cordell attempted to escape from custody during a hearing regarding the murder of Candi Cordell and assault of Tony Cordell, Dustin’s parents.  Dustin slipped out of his handcuffs while in the holding area and ran past Court Security Officer Anita Clouse when the door to the holding area was opened.  Court Security Officer Steve Cox apprehended Cordell as he attempted to exit the front door of the courthouse on the main floor.  Charges are pending grand jury investigation.

February 5th- Officer Manager Louise Wehr noticed an improperly affixed VIN number during a vehicle inspection.  After questioning the owner, Larry Ball, the vehicle was impounded pending investigation.  Bill Riley, State Motor Vehicle Theft Investigator for Kentucky State Police, came down a few days later and inspected the vehicle.  Riley seized the vehicle and transported it to London for further investigation.  This case has been turned over to the Kentucky State Police for investigation and prosecution.

On February 8th at approximately 09:50 The McCreary County Public Library reported the theft of a Dell laptop.  It appears the laptop was stolen during business hours.  The laptop was a Dell Vostro w/Intel Duo Core Processor, 15” LCD pane, 80GB hard drive and CDRW/DVD Combo Drive.  This case is under investigation.  Please contact the Sheriff’s Office if anyone approaches you with such an item.

Jerome T. Williams was arrested at approximately 16:56 on February 10th for Theft by Unlawful Taking, under $300 after allegedly stealing two steaks from the Save-a-Lot of Whitley City.  The stolen items were located in the vehicle driven by Williams after two eye witnesses identified him and Williams consented to have his vehicle searched.

On February 15th a victim reported to Oneida Police Authorities that her checkbook had been  stolen from the Oneida Walmart parking lot.   Suspects have been identified by Oneida PD and identified at the stores where the checks were cashed Kentucky.  A case is opened and being worked jointly with Oneida Police Department.  Charges are pending Grand Jury investigation.

On February 15th at approximately 16:40 a theft was reported on Hwy 1651, Whitley City.  Larry Fletcher of Nancy, KY reported that several items were removed from his utility trailer while he was working at a residence.  All items were engraved with the name Larry Fletcher and the number 937-603-2620 on them Items stolen include 4 orange Pasload nail guns and 3 battery chargers w/batteries.  A young man approximately 6’ tall with brown hair wearing a green sweat jacket is being sought for questioning.  If you see these items or can possibly identify this young man, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 376-2322 immediately.  A case was opened and is under investigation.

On February 15th a resident at Smokey Ridge Rd, Parkers Lake reported the theft of 4 firearms.  A family member was identified as a possible suspect.  After Deputy Meadows contacted the suspect, Robert Horning admitting to possession of the guns and agreed to meet Deputy Meadows to return the guns.  The guns were returned and Robert Horning was arrested on warrants resulting from a previous domestic dispute on February 13th.  The warrants were for Wanton Endangerment and Criminal Trespass.  Further charges may be pending.

 On February 17th at approximately 14:01 a resident at Mose Musgrove Rd, Pine Knot reported the theft of a leather jacket from her home.  Eye witnesses reported seeing a suspect leave the residence wearing the jacket around noon on February 16th.  The resident was advised to see the County Attorney for further action.

On February 17th  Carla S. Cook was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, 1st degree, Promoting Contraband 1st degree, and Tampering with Evidence when liquid residue was found in the squad car after she was transported to McCreary County Detention Center after being charged with PI.  KSP Trooper Shaler Jones noticed a liquid residue covering the seats and floor in the area where Cook was transported.  Closer inspection identified a short white straw as well.  After Cook’s purse was search by McCreary County Detention personnel, Cook was also found in possession of 2 syringes containing a white residue and 2 spoons burned on one side also containing white residue.  Cook admitted to the recent use of Oxycontin. Darla S. Miller was also arrested for PI and transported with Carla S. Cook.  Miller was also charged with Tampering with Evidence.

On February 18th at approximately 13:45  employees of Stanley & West Chiropractors Office reported a breaking and entering which occurred during the weekend.  Items stolen includes 2 rolls of postage stamps, a rechargeable Dirt Devil hand vacuum and a UK wall clock with temperature and time.  A case was opened and is under investigation.

On February 20th at approximately  16:20 a victim reported the use of her social security number on a tax return not initiated by her.  The same occurrence was reported last year also.  This identity theft has been reported to the proper authorities and the case is currently under investigation.

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